Stefanie Butler is a storyteller in every sense of the word. She is a film and television actor, a stage actor, a proud member of SAG-AFTRA & AEA, a screenwriter, a children’s book author, and a director. Stefanie loves collaborating and cares about telling stories that deeply matter, with people that matter deeply.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised all over the country, Stefanie graduated from Pepperdine University in 2006, with a BA in Theater and immediately began her film and television career. Her film debut was opposite Armie Hammer in the Billy Graham biopic, Billy: The Early Years, starring as Ruth Graham.

In 2015, Stefanie was thrilled to join the cast of the much anticipated Netflix series, Stranger Things, as Cynthia, the bubble gum chewing, ball-busting girlfriend of Lonnie, played by Ross Partridge. Stefanie has also guest starred on CSI:NY, Shark, Rizzoli & Isles and Frank Darabont’s Mob City. Her commercial work is extensive and includes over thirty national campaigns. Stefanie’s most recent film work includes the independent films Car Dogs, starring George Lopez and Octavia Spencer, Last Goodbye, Same, which she wrote and starred in, and Zula the Infinite, which was an official selection of the LA Shorts Fest and received the Award of Excellence at Indiefest Film Awards this year (2018). Stefanie can next be seen in the upcoming pilot, Nisei and the feature film, I’m Going to Graceland.

In addition to her acting credits, Butler has been writing, directing and creating her own content the past few years. She has written a number of short films, three features, two pilots, is working on a play, and is publishing a children’s book, “The Adventures of Tabby Abby”, due out later this year.

Stefanie’s favorite genre is any period piece, with an accent, and a strong female protagonist, which means she would die to be on Outlander, Vikings, or The Crown. Her first feature, The Silent Queen, was completed in 2014 and is just that. It is a historical fiction depicting an Irish queen, kidnapped by Vikings, and forced into a seemingly impossible decision. It is loosely based on actual events from her Icelandic heritage.

To inquire further about Stefanie’s writing, please reach out through the contact page.


I was born in the South and was raised by a Southern mom, therefore, I am always overdressed.

I have been to over 1,400 baseball games in my life.

I am an adventure loving thrill seeker who’s been skydiving, cliff jumping, scuba diving, and spearfishing.

My all time favorite movies are any period piece, with an accent. Some of my favorites are:

Braveheart, The Count of Monte Cristo, Gladiator, Far and Away, Chocolat, Sense and Sensibility (Emma’s version), The Young Victoria, Romeo & Juliet (Baz’), Rudy, Ever After, Shakespeare in Love, Dead Poets Society, The Duchess, Legends of the Fall, Little Women (with Susan Sarandon), Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Shawshank Redemption, The Hurt Locker, Marie Antoinette (Sofia’s), A Walk in the Clouds, Roman Holiday, Tangled (yes, the cartoon), and Inglorious Bastards.

I have a collection of children’s books that I am in the process of publishing.

I consider myself a gypsy – my parents moved us at least 40 times when I was a kid.

There’s nothing better than a good hat and I’d wear one every single day.

I am a tea fanatic – hit me with your best pot!

I bake at random hours.

I have insane respect for those who stand up for others.

My family is my heart.

I had a Japanese Tea Sensei for 5 years and can formally serve Chado, while wearing kimono.

I love to play beach volleyball and do Krav Maga.

I’m fiercely competitive, thanks to my dad.

I have an obsession with decorative pillows.

I’m a crack shot with a shotgun and was given a handgun as a wedding gift (true story!).

My first trophy I ever won was for doing gymnastics on a moving horse.

I once traveled to 7 states in 9 days, with 5 guys, 12 suitcases, and 1 violin – and survived.

I’m naturally blonde – and yes, blondes really do have more fun.